Lotus is a song from Dragon Hunters 2009 Film and based 2018 film find Here Gwizdo Leaves Lian Chu


French Version

Aaaaa vommm ata

Mmme mo

Aaa ov mma ada

Mmme mo ma ye


Mmme. mo a ye.

mmme mo

Aaa yor bma ya

Aaa yor bma ya


Mmme mo a ye

AAAaa yor ma ya


Mmmme mo a ye

AAa yor bma ya

2018 Film Version

Mmmme aaa

yor bma

Yor mmma ya

uo yer mmmeee ya a bma

mmmma ya bma

English Version 2018

Your me be

he is you me

come you come you

and you day on way

come you me on way come you

on way

come you on dragon hunters

a come you me you me

a you me

and you by you me

come you and day you me

hey come you win

free you come you come you

and your to be has you come you

come you aahhhh me you you win

and you

and you

and you

and you

come you me your to be win win win

win win me your by your by and you


and win come you

come you

and you


and come your come you win win win win

and you

and me you






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