Gwizdo's Farm Humans also known farmer Lian Chu and Hector Defeating Mamular

Physical appearance

Fat John

Fat John is an grey eyes dark brown hair dark grey eyebrows also be 39 year old

Voiced by John Dimaggio voice also Kevin from Tarzan 1999

Farmer 1

Farmer 1 dark black eyes grey eyebrows also be 46 year old

voiced by late Jess Harnell

Farmer 2

Farmer 2 dark grey hair dark brown eyes with hat also be 56 year old

voiced by Richard Smith

Farmer 3

Farmer 3 dark brown eyebrows white grey eyes also be 27 year old

voiced by Rob Paulsen

Farmer 4

Farmer 4 hat white black eyes dark eyebrows also 45 year old

voiced by Jack Angel

Farmer 5

Farmer 5 hat dark grey eyebrows dark eyes also be 67 year old

voiced by Denis Leary voice also Diego from Ice Age

Farmer 6

Farmer 6 hat dark brown eyebrows grey eyes also be 81 year old

Voiced by Frances White voice also Granny Pig from Peppa pig

Farmer 7

Farmer 7 hat dark eyebrows brown eyes also 89 year old

Voiced by late Miguel Ferrer voice also Shan Yu from Mulan