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Ian Mckellen as Lian Chu - Lian Chu as Baby killed Lian Chu's Parents fighting World Gobbler

Raymond S Persi as Gwizdo - a Best Friend of Lian Chu

Ariel Winter as Zoe - a Girl

Jemaine Clement as Lensflar a Villain Song as young song ending scene song cure

Rip Torn as Lord Arnold a father of Zoe

John Lithgow as Gildas a Neighbour of Lord Arnold

Jeff Bennett as Hector a Villain instead an blue Rabbit with Pig Nose 2009 Version Species as Rabbit Dog 2018 Version

Alan Tudyk as World Gobbler a became Ghost with fire eyes killed by Lian Chu's Parents

Liam Neeson as Mamular a Dragon Lian Chu and Hector defeats Mamular

Nicole Scherzinger and Temuera Morrison as Lian Chu's Parents a World Gobbler Killed his Parents

Josh Gad as Knight a in Castle broke Window his Death World Gobbler killed Knight Wife's Death

Becky Allen as Kingdom a Husband's Death broke Window

Juliette Brewer as Zaza a Girlfriend of Zoe

Scarlett Johansson as Jennyline a Mother of Zaza

Jalan Jalan as Lensflar Singing Voice in Song at Middle

Miles Bakshi as young Lensflar

Wyatt Oleff as young Lord Arnold

Kevin Bacon as Lensflar Teenage


Lotus - Jalan Jalan

Cure - Miles Bakshi at ending song

Era was ending credits of songs - Josh Lee

Ameno was cast voices with credits of songs - Randy Thorn

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